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FitSync Enterprise®


Whether you're running a health club, managing an employee wellness program, or striving to ensure service readiness of your personnel 365 days of the year, FitSync Enterprise can help you manage your organization's fitness training, assessment and monitoring program in ways never before possible. FitSync Enterprise is the only software application for managing fitness training programs that truly integrates the convenience of handheld devices with the power and accessibility of the Internet.

Fitness Centers: Are you trying to get control of your personal training business and increase member retention and non-dues revenues?
Corporate Wellness:Do you want to effectively engage all of your employees in your wellness program AND clearly demonstrate ROI on your wellness budget?
Healthcare: Would you like to improve your patients' compliance with their rehabilitation program?
Military & Government: You know the service readiness of your critical personnel during your annual fitness assessment but what about the other 364 days of the year?

FitSync Enterprise helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization in real-time so you have the information you need to take action. To learn more about how FitSync Enterprise can help your organization, click on the appropriate box above.

Improve Performance, Communication, and Productivity

FitSync Enterprise matches your organizational hierarchy so you can remotely manage your personnel anytime, anywhere. Whether you need to know the service readiness of your personnel or the number of client sessions conducted by your personal trainers, FitSync's real-time reporting can give you the information you need instantly.

Demonstrate Results and Value

FitSync Enterprise helps you precisely demonstrate return on investment (ROI).  Whether you need to show the ROI of your company's training program or the results of 3 months of personal training to a client, FitSync Enterprise provides the accurate and timely information you need to satisfy both your internal and external customers.

Contact us at to learn how FitSync can help your organization.

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