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FitSync® - for Military, Public Safety and
Government Personnel

FitSync - for Military, Public Safety and Government Personnel


The core of any successful physical training program for members of the military, law enforcement, fire protection, and other public safety and government personnel is the ability to ensure service readiness 24/7, 365 days a year (not just at test time!). The successful enforcement of required fitness standards can have life saving implications but without proper monitoring and assessment tools, it can be difficult to accurately measure program effectiveness.

FitSync - a fitness management platform that's as mobile as you are - helps you keep your fitness program strong, with the only patented PDA and Web-linked fitness tracking and management software available. With FitSync, your instructors, personnel and recruits can turn raw fitness data into useful information, stay connected at all times and manage their fitness regimens in ways never before possible. You can easily set up your own, private-branded FitSync-powered Web site, where you can share information about fitness procedures, manage competitions, review test results and more. And you can track unit results by any level of organization, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your organization's readiness to serve.

FitSync offers its management solution as FitSync Enterprise for organizations and facilities, FitSync Professional for individual fitness instructors, and FitSync Personal for individuals. All give users the ability to conduct a wide range of fitness management activities via a PDA and the Internet. With FitSync, individuals and fitness instructors can easily plan, track, review, measure and update workouts with one simple tool - anytime, anywhere. In addition, FitSync Enterprise includes easy-to-use functions for remote management of trainees, trainers and facilities, as well as private branding capabilities. Whether you're conducting field-based physical training or supervising strength and conditioning exercises in the gym, FitSync helps you deliver clear and measurable results.


FitSync Benefits:

  • Monitor fitness levels in real time
  • Improve readiness testing and fitness training procedures
  • Motivate trainees to stay fit
  • Help ensure compliance with standards
  • Strengthen productivity and reduce training costs
  • Enhance communication efforts in the field and gym
  • Expand recruitment programs

FitSync Features:

  • Manage training and conditioning plans on a PDA and the Internet
  • Design customized or standardized programs and templates
  • Maintain secure, accurate training logs
  • Assess performance with commanding officers
  • Instantly send key information using FitSync's mobile and Web messaging
  • Build virtual fitness communities with your own FitSync-powered site

FitSync Enterprise can be easily installed in any training facility to replace an existing paper system. Instructors can use any Palm® powered or Pocket PC PDA instead of a clipboard to manage an unlimited number of trainees. Trainees may use either their own PDA or a loaner PDA provided by the facility or training center. For users without a PDA, programs may be printed out and data entered manually via the Internet. To learn how FitSync can help you or your unit, please contact us at

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