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FitSync® - for Employee Wellness

FitSync Corporate


Successful organizations in both the private and public sector know that fit employees work smarter and perform better. Wellness programs are critical in helping employees get in shape and reducing absenteeism and on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, even the best program doesn't work if it isn't used. In addition, an increasingly mobile workforce leaves many employees feeling out of touch with such programs. And because a third party typically manages wellness plans, the communication of results can be fragmented, leaving you feeling uncertain about the return on your investment (ROI).

FitSync - a mobile and Web-linked fitness management platform - solves these management challenges. Now, wellness plan administrators, human resources professionals and benefits managers can take advantage of the only patented PDA and Web-linked fitness tracking and management software in the business. With FitSync, you can keep employees motivated, set up fun competitions, check results by any unit of your organization - and more. And we can easily set up a private-branded FitSync site to increase visits to your company's Web site, thus keeping employees connected to your wellness program. FitSync helps you keep programs on track, and employees fit - ensuring you get the return on your investment that you want.

FitSync offers its management solution as FitSync Enterprise for organizations, FitSync Professional for individual trainers and coaches, and FitSync Personal for individuals. All give users the ability to conduct a wide range of fitness management activities via a PDA and the Internet. With FitSync, individuals and fitness instructors can easily plan, track, review, measure and update workouts with one simple tool - anytime, anywhere. In addition, FitSync Enterprise includes easy-to-use functions for remote management of employees, trainers and facilities, as well as private branding capabilities. Whether you're teaching a fitness class or tracking program success at the office, FitSync helps you deliver clear and measurable results.


FitSync Benefits:

  • Increase productivity and reduce job-related stress and injuries
  • Advance employee wellness
  • Boost morale with clearly demonstrated results
  • Enhance and accurately measure ROI of your wellness/fitness program
  • Motivate employees to stay fit
  • Strengthen employee retention

FitSync Features:

  • Create and manage workouts on a PDA and Internet
  • Design personalized programs or create your own reusable templates
  • Maintain secure, accurate records
  • Fully track employees and plan progress
  • Instantly relay key information using FitSync's mobile and Web messaging
  • Build virtual fitness communities with your own FitSync-powered site

FitSync Enterprise can be easily installed to replace an existing paper system and enables a fully virtual fitness environment. Instructors can use any Palm® powered or Pocket PC PDA instead of a clipboard to manage an unlimited number of employees. Employees may use either their own PDA or a loaner PDA provided by the facility. For users without a handheld, programs may be printed out and data entered manually via the Internet. To learn how FitSync can help you or your organization, please contact us at

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