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FitSync Professional ®


Go paperless with FitSync, the original PDA<•••>Web personal training software (US Patent #5,944,633) that connects you with your clients anytime, anywhere.

Personal Fitness Professional

FitSync has been featured in...
Personal Fitness Professional:
Personal Training in the 21st Century,
Moving Beyond Paper

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"FitSync has enabled me to offer face-to-face and online fitness training in a personalized way that keeps my clients coming back for more. It's the only software that offers handheld and Web-based accountability. FitSync gives me all the tools I need to stay connected with my clients, wherever they are."

Stephen Holt, ACE, ACSM, NASM, NSCA
ACE Personal Trainer of the Year, 2003

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Dan Chisolm

“FitSync exemplifies ease of use for both the trainer and the client. The commitment clients make in effort, time, and money towards their goals in wellness can be easily tracked and reviewed with FitSync. Clients have their information available to them 24/7: not in an open file cabinet in a gym or in a trainer's car.”
Dan Chisholm, B.S., ACE, L.M.T.
Owner, Fitness & Massage Chicago, Chicago IL

Learn how Dan has been using FitSync at his club since 2001 and pioneered paperless “Green” training…


  • Increase your productivity
  • Demonstrate results
  • Train more clients
  • Grow your business and EARN MORE!

Be Efficient

No more lost files, mangled notebooks, missing workout cards, or dog eared print outs. Download and log workouts on your PDA and then upload to the Web for review and analysis. Quickly and easily access client records anytime, anywhere.

Save Time

Stop wasting time cutting and pasting workouts into emails or manually logging workouts on the Web or into spreadsheets. Pick workouts from the FitSync libraries or create your own in minutes and build your own private exercise and workout library. Log workouts in seconds on your PDA anywhere – you don't need a constant Internet connection with FitSync.

Stay Connected

Each of your clients gets their own personal account to log all of their activity. This means you can monitor their fitness activities even when you aren't training them face to face. Forget emailing workouts that your clients have to print – FitSync lets you send workouts to your clients' mobile phones or PDAs so they can easily log everything they do.

Train More Clients

With FitSync, you aren't limited to the clients you can see face to face. Between appointments or at the end of the day, monitor and train clients online. With FitSync you can train an extra 5, 10, or even 20 clients a day.

Be a 21st Century Personal Trainer™

FitSync helps you reinforce your commitment to your clients by becoming part of their total fitness lifestyle, not just what they do with you in the gym. Wherever they are, whatever they're doing, your clients know you are with them, helping them reach their goals.

With FitSync, you can…

  • Download and log workouts on your PDA, upload results to the Web, and analyze client progress online.
  • Create and edit your own workouts and exercises or choose from the FitSync libraries.
  • Build your own private workout and exercise library and upload your own exercise videos.
  • Share multi-week programs, workouts, and exercises with other professionals in FitSync's Pro libraries.
  • Deliver YOUR workouts and videos to your clients on their mobile phones and PDAs so they can log ALL of their workouts.
  • Monitor and analyze your clients' progress with charts and reports – when you deliver results you demonstrate your value.


Workout and Program Libraries

  • Easily searchable with multiple search filter options such as type (weight loss, bodybuilding, sport specific, etc.), duration, experience level, author or free text search.
  • Copy and use as is or edit as needed.
  • Build your own private library of favorites.

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Exercise Libraries

  • Over 2,000 exercises with detailed instructions and videos.
  • You and your clients can view videos online or on PDAs and mobile phones.
  • Searchable by muscle group, modality, and free text search.
Exercise Libraries

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Create your Own

  • Create your own exercises, workouts and multi-week programs.
  • Upload your own exercise videos so your clients see YOU demonstrating YOUR exercises.
  • Build your own library of standardized routines that you can edit and personalize for each client.

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Scheduling Workouts

  • Schedule workouts to automatically alternate, skip days, repeat, etc.
  • Each day's scheduled workout will display on your PDA and on your clients' handheld.
  • Clients without handhelds can print their schedule and workout log.

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Improve Client Communications

  • FitSync's messaging system delivers messages to clients' and trainers' handhelds and Web so you can stay in contact anywhere.
  • Monitor clients remotely, post new workouts for clients to access on their handhelds or account.
  • Clients can review their progress in their own account and contact you for advice and guidance.
  • Personal journal lets you and your clients maintain a training diary on successes, challenges, observations.
Member Communication

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Show Clients Their Results, Demonstrate Your Value…

  • Faster new client setup with PARQ and client questionnaire/assessment on your PDA or online.
  • Log workouts on your PDA during PT sessions, clients log on their handhelds when training on their own.
  • Monitor client performance remotely with detailed charts, trend-lines, and advanced analysis.
  • Clients can see their progress through their personalized FitSync homepage.

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  • Your clients get 24/7 access to their workouts and exercise videos on their handheld and the Internet.
  • Clients can download and log workouts on their handheld or print a workout log.
  • When clients can see their own progress they stay motivated and committed.
  • Clients will see the results you're helping them achieve… and they'll love you for it!
Holt and Client

Stephen Holt,
ACE Personal Trainer
of the Year, 2003


  • We're the first, the original, and the only handheld<•••>Web fitness training system (US patent #5,944,633).
  • All inclusive pricing includes unlimited data storage on the Web and unlimited number of client accounts.
  • We DO NOT compete with you because we do not offer personal training services.
  • We help you find clients with our Find-a-Trainer service.
  • You have complete flexibility in creating your own exercises, workouts, and multi-week programs and you can upload your own videos.
  • Private branding options - FitSync can be customized with your logo and color scheme to boost your Web presence and reinforce your brand.


  • FitSync Professional Web account with unlimited storage.
  • FitSync Professional software for your Windows Mobile® PDA.
  • Unlimited number of client accounts

Only $19.95 a month or $200 a year.
(a $40 savings off the monthly rate)

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