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FitSync Enterprise ®


Replace the Paper, Not The Trainer™

Still using paper and wasting space with file cabinets? Would you like to increase your member retention, PT sales AND earn revenue from the 85% of your membership that doesn't buy PT?

Increase your RPM! FitSync will help you increase your Revenue Per Member by growing your personal training business, improving efficiency, and engaging the members who don't buy PT.

In 2001 FitSync revolutionized the fitness industry with the introduction of the first, the only, and the original paperless PDA<•••>Web fitness management software (US Patent #5,944,633) that connects you and your trainers with your members anytime, anywhere.


  • Increase Retention
  • Grow Your PT Business
  • Earn Non-Dues Revenue
  • Expand Your Capacity
FitSync Clubs

Engage Your Members

The sooner you engage members after they join AND the more you continue to engage them, the greater the chance they'll stay members and purchase additional services. FitSync connects you to your new members faster and keeps you connected so your members always feel part of your community.

Grow PT

Each trainer gets a FitSync Professional account. With FitSync, your trainers aren't limited to the clients they can see face to face. Between appointments or at the end of the day, trainers can monitor and train clients online. With FitSync each trainer can train an extra 5, 10, or even 20 clients a day.

Get Connected

Each of your members gets their own personal account to log all of their activity.  This means you can reach out to the self guided members who don't buy PT and monitor their fitness activities, provide guidance, and offer other club services even when they aren’t in the club.

Expand Capacity

FitSync lets you deliver personalized attention and club services to members anytime, anywhere via members’ handhelds and the Web. Trainers aren’t limited by the number of face-to-face sessions they can do in a day and you aren’t limited to the members who regularly visit the club.

Increase Efficiency

FitSync matches your organizational structure so regional managers can monitor club managers, fitness managers can monitor trainers, and trainers can monitor clients in real-time.  Live reports provide you with up to the minute status of club performance - new members, PT sales and conducted sessions, and trainer commissions.


  • Download and log client workouts on a PDA, upload results to the Web, and analyze client progress online.
  • Choose multi-week programs, workouts and exercises from the FitSync libraries or create their own private libraries and upload their own videos.
  • Check client PT session balances and authorize client sessions on their PDA.
  • Share programs, workouts, and exercises with other club professionals in the pro libraries.
  • Monitor clients remotely, analyze their progress, deliver results, and demonstrate value.


Lead Management

  • Assign new members/PT leads to trainers online.
  • Message sent to trainer's PDA and Web account with member details.
  • Access all member profile information online.
  • Faster new client setup with PARQ and client assessment on trainer's PDA or online.

PT Operations

  • Track PT sales, trainer goals, member activity.
  • Maintain members' PT session banks with purchase and expiration dates.
  • Check session balances and verify PT sessions on trainers' PDA.
  • Track conducted PT, trainer goals, real-time calculation of trainer commissions.

Training Libraries

  • Exercises
    • Over 2,000 exercises with instructions and exercise videos.
    • Members and PT clients can view exercise videos online or on PDAs and mobile phones.
    • Searchable by muscle group, modality, and free text search.
    • Create your own club-branded exercises and videos.
  • Workouts and Programs
    • Easily searchable with multiple search filter options such as type (weight loss, bodybuilding, sports, cardio, strength training, etc.), author or free text search.
    • Copy and use as is or edit as needed.
    • Build your own club-branded workouts and programs.

Member Communication

  • FitSync messaging delivers your messages on mobiles and the Web.
  • Send group or personalized messages.
  • Client messages are delivered to trainers' Web account and PDA.
  • Clients monitor their progress in their own account.
  • Personal journal lets you and your clients maintain a training diary on successes, challenges, observations.
Member Communicatons

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Management Reports

  • Live reports show club and trainer performance in real-time.
  • Aggregate reports to compare performance of multiple clubs.
  • Track new member and PT sales, PT conducted, value of outstanding PT sessions, etc.
  • Monitor trainer performance against goals.
  • Identify top performers.
  • Custom configuration available.

Private Branding

  • FitSync can be customized with your branding, logo, color scheme to match your existing home page.
  • Reinforces your brand and boosts your Web site.
Training Libraries

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  • Your members and PT clients get 24/7 access to their workouts and exercise videos on their handheld and the Internet.
  • Clients can download and log workouts on their handheld or print a workout log.
  • When members see their own progress they stay motivated and committed to their fitness program AND their club.
  • Members will see the results your team is helping them achieve ... And they'll love you for it!
Wes Carter

“With FitSync we can reach out to new members faster and maintain the connection even when they're not in the club. This means higher retention and more PT sales. Real-time reporting tells me exactly what my members and trainers are doing 24/7 so my team has more productive time with members instead of wasting time with paper.”

Wes Carter, A.C.E., AGSHSS C.E.C.
National Fitness Manager, Fitness First, Malaysia

Dan Chisolm

“FitSync exemplifies ease of use for both the trainer and the client. The commitment clients make in effort, time, and money towards their goals in wellness can be easily tracked and reviewed with FitSync. Clients have their information available to them 24/7: not in an open file cabinet in a gym or in a trainer's car.”

Dan Chisholm, B.S., ACE, L.M.T.
Owner, Fitness & Massage Chicago,
Chicago IL

Learn how Dan has been using FitSync at his club since 2001 and pioneered paperless “Green” training...


  • We're the first, the original, and the only handheld<•••>Web fitness management system (US patent #5,944,633).
  • Real-time reports and 24/7 information access via the Web provides instant status of club performance.
  • We DO NOT compete with your trainers because we do not offer personal training services.
  • We can integrate with your existing club management system.
  • You have complete flexibility in creating your own exercises, workouts, and multi-week programs and can upload your own videos.

Contact us today at to learn how FitSync can help you.

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