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About FitSync®

About FitSync


FitSync Corporation started a fitness revolution in 1999 when we were awarded a patent (U.S. Patent 5,944,633) for our handheld fitness technology. FitSync was the first company in the world to offer a combined handheld and Web-based fitness management system for individuals, fitness professionals and facilities. FitSync pioneered downloadable workouts from the Internet to handheld devices, logging workouts on any handheld device (PDA or mobile phone) and uploading the results to your FitSync Web page.

We get you in sync with all of the activities in your active lifestyle. You can use FitSync on your own or connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts and trainers through the FitSync network. Your scheduled workouts are automatically downloaded to your handheld (PDA or mobile phone) so you can log all of your training activity.

Your results are automatically uploaded to your FitSync Web page where you can use charts and reports to review your progress and the effectiveness of your training program. FitSync’s network lets you compare your performance to established norms or compete with friends and challenge others.

FitSync connects individuals with fitness professionals and resources. If you are a personal training client, your trainer can monitor your progress and provide tips and encouragement even when you’re traveling. If you are a personal trainer, you can stay connected with your clients anytime, anywhere.

Forget about paper and notebooks; use your PDA or mobile phone and take your workouts with you wherever you go and track your results at the point of sweat.

Since 2001, the first, the original, and the only
Mobile <•••> Web fitness network – FitSync.